Queue struct

    "id": "<string>",
    "name": "<string>",
    "detail": "<string>",
    "routing_method": "<string>",
    "tag_ids": [
    "wait_actions": [
    "wait_timeout": <number>,
    "service_timeout": <number>,
    "wait_queue_call_ids": [
    "service_queue_call_ids": [
    "total_incoming_count": <number>,
    "total_serviced_count": <number>,
    "total_abandoned_count": <number>,
    "total_waittime": <number>,
    "total_service_duration": <number>,
    "tm_create": "<string>",
    "tm_update": "<string>",
    "tm_delete": "<string>",
  • id: Queue’s ID.

  • name: Queue’s name.

  • detail: Queue’s detail description.

  • routing_method: Define the queue’s call routing method. See detail here.

  • tag_ids: List of tags.

  • wait_actions: List of actions for waiting calls.

  • wait_timeout: Timeout for waiting(ms). If it sets to 0, no timeout.

  • service_timeout: Timeout for service(talk with agent. ms). If it sets to 0, no timeout.

  • wait_queue_call_ids: List of waiting call ids.

  • service_queue_call_ids: List of service call ids.

  • total_incoming_count: Number of joined calls.

  • total_serviced_count: Number of serviced calls.

  • total_abandoned_count: Number of abandoned calls.

  • total_waittime: Sum of all call’s waitting time(ms).

  • total_service_duration: Sum of all call’s service time(ms).

Routing Method

Define the queue’s queued call routing method to the agent if the number of available agent is more than 2.




Pick the agent randomly.